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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My not so perfect keychain

Finally, I have finished my very first own doll-keychains!!
I'd longed to do the dolls for a long time but with due to my laziness, I kept postponing. It might because I thought that silk screening would be too troublesome. I hate all the complicated processions. Until I have recently discovered the new technique from my friend. I can't really remember what this technique is called but it's very easy and real fast. It's just like printing on the fabric directly. Although the color might fade but I think it's worth it since you got full-colored doll as an outcome!!
But again, due to my very lack of sewing skills, I couldn't make these two dolls perfectly. They are my "serious" dolls I made by myself. But I'm pretty sure after keep redoing and keep practicing (can be up to 10), I would learn how to make it perfectly. So now, these dolls are mine!!! Well, I don't dare listing them in the shops. Who would buy it anyway??!!
So if you have any comment or suggestion on these dolls, please do post it.
I would love to read them!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Today, I just by chance got into a chat room in etsy and met one of my customer who bought my "apple notebook". She's from Spain and she also has a shop in etsy too. But it seems like she doesn't list all of her illustrations. But when I visited her blog spot, OMG, I'm just surprised!!. 

She's really talented so I urged her to list more of her illustrations in the shop because they are just wonderful.

Check out her shop and blog spot here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paper vintage bag

Finally, it's time for me to start my own blog after reading from other's for a while!
I've been making some handmade notebooks and some illustrations for postcards and sell it in etsy and dawanda quite a while. Not really popular though -__-!. But I still have passion! And what I always wanted to make is doll. And yesterday, I finally had a time to go buy some fabric to make some dolls. My focus was on cotton, plain white. I had been walking for a while, went in and out of the shops until finally, I came to this shop, old style and very dark. They only sell cotton fabric for lining. The price here's quite reasonable so I bought 1x1 M of white cotton.
And what came to my surprise was when the seller handed me the stuff, in a paper bag!!! I finally found someone using paper bag (in the market) because every time I buy stuff, I only got plastic bag. It's so global warming-trend! I'm just happy and the bag's so so so vintage, old style and classy, just like the one in my childhood time.