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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The presents

These are two presents I just recently made and gave to my one and only favorite in the entire universe. He came to Thailand for some movie press. I was really excited and was so happy when I heard. I decided that I want to give some stuff but I did not want to buy it since I can make the stuff by myself !
The first present is the portrait using the sewing technique to make the outline of the face and eyes and stuff. I left the paper in the mouth area to make that part more outstanding. Frame it in the clear mirror on back and front since I intend to make it seeable in both front and back which I used different colors.
The second one is quite funny. I know he loves doraemon as well as basketball. I made the graphic in the photoshop and made it as the doll. And you know what, after I gave him the doll and he went into the car, he just kept looking and playing and smiling at it!!!! I was so so so so happy that he likes it!!!! The others fan just bought him stuff instead of making him one and some didn't get a chance to even give it to him. Poor them...